Gentle Yoga for Beginners

10 weeks of easy-going, slow-paced Yoga for real bodies and stressed minds.

The Gentle Yoga for Beginners Online course is 10 weeks of easy-going, slow-paced Yoga for real people with real bodies.

Downloadable practice videos offer you sequences for healthy mobility & strength, and deep relaxation, helping you to feel centred, calm and resilient.

This is Yoga that's easy but also very effective for better breathing and better physical and mental well-being.

You can download the resources to use again and again, and you can ask questions at any time using the course discussion board.

You're very welcome to start the course at any time - no need to wait for the start of a term. 

Once you're enrolled you'll have 12 weeks to download your practices from the 10 week course, but you can go at your own pace.

I hope you'll join us for 10 weeks of Yoga to build peace, calm and resilience.

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Alison Eastland
Alison Eastland

About the instructor

Hello there! I'm Alison.

I've been teaching Yoga for over 15 years, and practising for many more. Practising Yoga has given me more peace, ease & resilience, and so I love sharing the practice. 

As well as teaching Yoga online, I teach courses and private sessions locally in the beautiful Huon Valley, Tasmania.

Practising Yoga and living a Yoga lifestyle has enabled me to feel healthy, energetic, and strong, as well as feeling more at peace with life. As someone who spent my younger years chronically ill and in pain, I appreciate every day of being able to enjoy my life fully. 

I specialise in Yoga for pain management, stress management, and back care, as well as for mindfulness and pure joy.

My training includes Baby Bliss Yoga (pregnancy & prenatal), Rainbow Kids Yoga, and Yoga for Trauma. 

Yoga with me is easy-going and slow-paced. Most of us already get enough practice at rushing around these days, don't we?

I believe that Yoga should be easily accessible and nurturing, not about getting into complicated shapes, doing a glamorous handstand or placing more demand on systems that may already have had more than their share of stress. 

There are plenty of very active online practices requiring lots of flexibility out there online, but my passion is sharing easeful & gentle Yoga...Yoga that's easy but also very effective & practical in helping real people to breathe better, and feel better both mentally and physically.